Start off

This Start-off plan helps you to start with Spending Partner and to get the most out of it.

Step 1

First you have to add your recurring payments into the system. This can be done with the option ‘Add Payment’ in the green menu. When you are here for the first time, you can use the Quick Starter. If you want to add one-off payments also, please do (using ‘Add Payment’)

Step 2

If you haven’t done this yet, fill in your current balance via ‘Show Forecast’, at the top of the list. If you are in dept, you have to add a minus (-) before your balance.

Step 3

You can see the forecasted schedule now with the predicted balance. You can also check out the visual image by clicking ‘Show Graph’. Do you miss things or do you remember more payments that are not in the system yet, please add them. You can also check one or two months of your banking overview to check if you haven’t missed anything. The more you work with the system, the more trustworthy it will be for you.

Step 4

When you execute payments, you have to tell the tool that this is done by clicking the green Execute button in ‘Show Forecast’. When you want to buy extra stuff, put it in your schedule and see when it is the best time to spend that money. By moving payments to another time, you can have better control when you have some spare money, but use it wisely.