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  • The system is backupped at a daily basis. When something goes wrong you can loose data of one day at maximum. We do not restore user specific data;
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Your Privacy

Financial data on the internet is a sensitive thing. We are using this Privacy Statement:

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  • The tool is built in such a way that as less as sensitive data is saved into the system. Things like account numbers, creditcard numbers or pincodes are not required or needed. (We will never ask for it). Of course you can save descriptions yourself. Please do not add any sensitive data;
  • We are allowed to use your data for trend analysis activities. This will be used to make calculations about more accounts at once. Your data will never be recognizable and it will not be able to lead back to you as a person.

About us

This website is developed by Zerotop Interware. We are a company in the Netherlands that creates smart internet applications for commercial goals. This site is mentioned to do something back to society and show the world what we are able to. We are showing adds to have some financial revenue, but profit is not needed.