Many people look back at the history of their spendings and try to get a feeling how they have to spend in the future. We think that this is not enough, and that you have to plan actively, so you know exactly where you stand. By planning within this website we do offer you a tool to see exactly how much money you have or lack at any point in time. By capturing periodic and one-time payments, a calculation will be made about the progress of your balance.

Each time when deposits and payments have actually been done, you can process them into your schedule; your balance is automatically updated. You can also cancel a payment, then your balance will not be changed. When you want to delay a payment (because you can’t pay it now for example) you can move it to another date. By doing this you create a planning that fits your abilities.

What happens a lot is that you do payments which are not in your schedule. On this website you do not have to add them to your schedule. You can simply change your current balance in the schedule and your schedule will be corrected again.

Currently you can save one-off and monthly payments. When there is a need, we will also implement weekly payments.

General stuff

By using the Scheduler button, at the top right, you can access the scheduler. Then there are several options are available which control the scheduler. When you use the scheduler for the first time, we recommend you to use the quick launcher.

The functions

  • With ‘Add Payment’ you can define one-off or recurring payments;
  • With ‘Show Payments’ you will see an overview of all defined payments. Payments that are in the past or deactivated will be strike trough;
  • The option ‘Show Graph’ shows you a graphical view on your balance for the coming time;
  • Show Forecast’ shows you the list of all defined payments with different buttons to maintain your schedule.

The Buttons

At ‘Show Forecast’ you can maintain your schedule. You can do this per instance of a payment but also by selecting more instances and choose an action to perform on all of them. These are the buttons:

  • Edit Change the details of the defined payment;
  • Cancel Cancel this instance of the payment. Your balance is left alone;
  • Execute This button marks the instance of the payment as paid. Your balance is updated;
  • Delay You can move an instance of a payment to another date. When you click this button, you can choose another date.

Check it out yourself

Use the planner menu to see how it works. If you like what you see you can register an account for yourself.

Please note: The Test data is cleaned up every night.